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The Castle Experience - Oscarshall castle, Oslo

You have made my dreams come true...

H.M. Queen Sonia of Norway


Exceed Expectations - Stockholm

When working with Björn Axén Haircares' internal conference the mission was to find a way to communicate the brand promise. To Axén that means being cutting edge/state of the art and exceed expectations. We needed to present a true brand experience that included all senses. We wanted the audience to experience the top of the line avant-garde scene, so we brought Salon K to Stockholm.

The dinner performance exceeded all expectations, delivering a breathtaking, fabulous performance of highest international quality. Un unforgettable experience that lasted so much longer that the actual night, bringing the brand promise alive.

Jenny Asp, Account Director at Nine Yards Brand Experience Agency


Infinite Aluminium - Berlin

Salon K definitely raised the bar with the dinner event they so nicely organised for us in Berlin on the occasion of our annual seminar. We received many compliments and our participants thought it was ‘daring’,‘impressive’ or simply ‘great’. The combination of several arts (music, sculpturing, singing, dancing), the theme of recycling and the infinite reuse possibilities of our shiny aluminium metal worked out extremely well.

Maarten Labberton, EAA Packaging Group Director


Desert Mirage - Cap Rocat

Very often I have those phantastique pictures you presented me, in my mind. 

All of you gave me a big gift, moments I will never forget. My guests to which I have spoken recently, talk only about your show. You set a deep impression to everyone. Again, my thanks come from my deepest heart!

J. G. - Private client

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