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Salon K consults establishments in the hospitality market who feel the Human Experience is an integral part of their brand.


This is an investment in the establishment’s human capital - its staff. 

Though our Staff Development Workshops we utilize the same process devised to develop artists for the stage experience to develop service staff for the service experience. 



Staff development has its focus on how to offer an even more human and exceptional service experience to the guests. The workshops follow the SALON K BODY-BREATHING method, a coaching program developed and codified through decades of our work coaching professional artists around the globe. 

Through conscious breathing and low-impact physical exercises the staff are helped to awaken and activate their physical bodies and connect with the senses and perceptions within. Along with the physical awareness we work with the psychological and intellectual, building awareness from the inside out. The process includes sharing of thoughts and wisdom passed down from secular thinkers and sages.

This is integrated into practical exercises directly connected to their professional tasks. How to walk, stand, sit, move in a harmonious and healthy way. How the breathing helps to keep a natural elegance, improve body posture and stamina and avoid injuries.

The Body-BREATHING method helps the staff to:

• Appear, stand, sit and walk with natural elegance.

• Give a more calm and efficient service and appearance.

• Approach life and work as a performance.

• Serve with a constant human elegance, dignity and pride.

• Achieve a calm authority

• Improve physical and mental stamina.

• Find their correct body posture, stay healthy and avoid injuries. 

• Become aware of their bodies’ signals and messages. It will tell them what they need.

• Know when and how to approach people, physically and energetically.

• Transform everyday tasks into sacred moments.

• Develop and live their individual version of the Brand-Story.

• Understand how breath connects us with nature and the universe.

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