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PRIVATE SESSIONS - Salon K Body-Breathing method.


How a session unfolds

Comfortable attire is a must, please avoid tight fitting sportswear. Sweatpants, loose t-shirt, sweatshirt and socks are more the thing. 



The space is a room with no mirrors. The senses are awakened by the sombre lighting, subtle aroma in the air and a calming soundscape embraces the space. You are offered warm a cup of tisane while the instructor welcomes you. He introduces the basics of the breathing technique and explains the basic principles of the movement sequence you will do shortly. This segues into a short talk to ascertain where you are at on that day and how we relate to what is going on in our outer and inner worlds.

This helps us to be fully in the moment and finding out what is the intention for today’s session. 


Movement meditation

The focus is on you, your breathing and your body. We start lying on the floor concentrating on the breathing. The breathing progresses into low-impact exercises, starting with isolating and correctly moving head, shoulders, back etc. The movement sequence of exercises and stretches is designed so that each exercise facilitates the next, gradually taking you from the floor to standing up, so you can understand how to directly implement the breathing process for your everyday life actions.


The idea is that you eventually learn the complete sequence so that it becomes a meditation to be done straight through without pause or interruptions. No conversation is needed once the sequence begins. The instructor is able to see the questions in your body. When those questions arrive he is there to help you. Your focus is on the conscious breathing and becoming more aware of yourself, your body and sensations. It is a time… your time, to feel and sense.


Talks - Discussions

Each session is completed by talks which are in essence, exchanges of thoughts and lessons of life that aim to inspire and nurture the inner conversations which in turn enhance growth and deeper understandings of the body and its sensory perceptions. The doorways to understanding - you. The topics may include themes that are from the wider visions of life to the everyday things to help us cope and thrive.


The session lasts 45 - 90 min and take place at the Salon K headquarters in Berlin.


For information about appointments and prices, please contact us here.


We ask everyone to make a commitment for a series of appointments. This is after all a process. It is not a life-hack or quick fix. The exercises and stretches are simple enough to be explained and taught during the first three sessions, so we advise a commitment of at least three sessions to begin with.

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