Our raison d’être is to help people to feel the dream.
For... dreaming is how we feel our humanity.                                                                                                                                                
In its best moments one can say a dream is an imagined possibility that takes form and becomes real. Tangible.
Salon K was created to channel this energy. To activate imagination and creativity.  

How do we do that?

Creativity & Experience
With decades of experience of creating for theatre, ballet, opera, Cirque du Soleil, cabaret, film and fashion we draw our creativity from a wide range of influences to create one encompassing artistic and human expression.

Our artists are chosen both for their artistic excellence and human accessibility.
A diverse cast selected from different artistic disciplines and cultural backgrounds.

Human interaction
Our aim is to trigger the imagination with live art. We create an experience where you

find yourselves in the middle of the action where the distance between you and the

performers are removed. We actively encourage people to talk to each other and

not through their gadgets.

Salon K events have been created in castles, gardens, salons, art galleries, theatres

and stadiums. Either through an itinerant event where the performances guide the

guests through the different spaces of the venue or an experience that keeps the full venue alive.

SALON K - Founded 2010 in Berlin:

Patrick King: Founder and Artistic Director

Johan King Silverhult: Co-Founder and Managing Director

Peter Betz: Event Manager. Food & Beverage

Britta Oling: Event Manager

25+ Artists in resident Artist-bank