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INTRODUCTION WORKSHOPS - Salon K Body-Breathing method


We once again open our doors at our headquarters in west Berlin and offer to a small group of applicants the possibility to have an introduction to our Salon K Body-Breathing method. A movement meditation for the body mind and soul connection.


An afternoon workshop where we share a cup of tea, thoughts and feelings, and you are initiated into the Salon K Body-Breathing method - the process that has helped us develop and sustain our bodies, minds and souls through decades of performing and creating on the major stages of the world.

This is not a dance workshop. Our method is developed through our work with artists during the last 20 or so years, codified in a simple format customised for people of all levels of fitness and ages.


After the tea & talks we introduce you to the Body-Breathing exercises and stretches based on the conscious breathing that is the fundament of this process. The session is constructed around  a series of low-impact exercises developed to give that emotional experience of your body and its workings space for you to connect with them. The design is that, through the sensation created  through the exercises and the conscious breathing, awareness will arrive. One makes contact with fresh energy that regenerates you. You become ready to confront the rest of your life.


The workshop has a limited amount of participants to assure individual attention. 


Your clothing should be comfortable and loose. T-shirt, sweatpants and socks.


For bookings, availability and price, please contact us with your request here.

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